Using hashtags

The 101 on Hashtags in 2021 (and How to Use Them)

Let’s get the big question out of the way: What are hashtags? Hashtags on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and instagram are used to make your content categorized and 1discovered. In other words #hashtags are for search. If you were to ask a millennial or a Gen Zer what this symbol (#) is, 9…
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Into the Blue Crafts & Launches the Batmasian Family Grant for Small Business

Together we can empower small business owners and the South Florida community. The Batmasian Family Grant for Small Business is an effort to support and elevate local businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in South Florida. As long-time contributors to knowing how the ripple effect can empower businesses and the overall growth of our community, the Batmasian…
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Find your Florida campaign in an airport

Find Your Florida.

HOW A BOUTIQUE CREATIVE AGENCY APPLIED NATIONAL STRATEGIES FOR RECORD-BREAKING RELOCATION ADVERTISING 2020 was a pivotal year on many fronts. Whether the pandemic affected your home or business, millions of people and businesses are seeking ways to rebound from the shutdown, and ultimately relocate to areas where business is open and the economy is on…
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Brand Opportunities

Onward – A Blog from Into the Blue’s Creative Director

Oh, what a year. Seriously – if you asked me in January, I could never have told you I’d besitting where I am writing this. Not a chance. It’s truly been a roller coaster – for all of us. So aswe continue to chug along in the weird hangover from the series finale of the…
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Into The Blue Studios

Announcing Into the Blue Studios

As the trends in visual marketing continue to soar, Into the Blue Agency launched our new division, Into the Blue Studios offering captivating photography, video production, drone photography and video, animation and 3D / Virtual tours. Unlike the traditional photography/video production business model, Into the Blue Studios is backed by a team of creative thinkers,…
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How To Develop A Strong Brand in 4 Easy Steps

The year is 2020 and your business is thriving. We hope that’s your reality. If not, have no fear – this year is going to last us another million days, you have time to recover.  The tragic truth is that when people say branding they think logo or a catchy slogan. Although we can’t stop…
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