Into the Blue Crafts & Launches the Batmasian Family Grant for Small Business

Together we can empower small business owners and the South Florida community.

The Batmasian Family Grant for Small Business is an effort to support and elevate local businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in South Florida. As long-time contributors to knowing how the ripple effect can empower businesses and the overall growth of our community, the Batmasian family has dedicated $100,000 to provide financial support and top-level coaching to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the wake of COVID-19. After following the weekly closings of businesses throughout the country, and knowing the giving nature of Jim and Marta Batmasian, Into the Blue Agency’s president, Sharon Patterson crafted a powerful idea to help shift business in a better direction.

Patterson shares how the Batmasian Family Grant came about. “As I sat at our weekly meetings listening to Jim’s concern for his tenants and small businesses as a whole, he was determined to come up with new ideas to help them rebuild and remain in business. I watched as he donated money, funded retailer specific gift card programs, met with tenant after tenant, and dedicated himself tirelessly to Changing Lives, and more. He always made himself available in person and frequented their business to help. I knew there was another way we could discover what businesses need the most help but don’t know how to seek it out. With a bit of effort and generosity I knew we could make more of an impact. As a marketing professional I also knew donating funds often was not enough. That’s where the high-level coaching comes in.”

A total of 15 grants will be issued ranging from $15,000 (1st place), $10,000 (2nd & 3rd place) to $5,000 for each of the remaining top finalists.

Glen Calder is spearheading the press relations together with Lauren Ricks of Into the Blue Agency. Key people who’ve joined the cause to help form the elite judging and coaching panel include Sharon Patterson of Into the Blue, Adam Goodkin of Simply the Best Magazine and Advertising, Cris Ganz of OGK, Troy McClellan of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce and more.

To learn more and apply for the grant, read below or visit
Together we can help alleviate the impact of the crisis.

To apply, please read the guidelines and submit your application by April 15, 2021.

Since moving to South Florida in 1979, Jim and Marta Batmasian have invested in the region by acquiring residential and commercial properties. Today, Investments Limited is the largest, privately-held, family-owned real estate company in the region. Many of their most notable properties include Royal Palm Place, Fifth Avenue Shoppes, the Shops at University Park (formerly Plum Plaza) and more currently under renovation or slated for 2021. Through their contributions to small business and community beautification, they have helped change the business landscape of the region.

In an effort to embrace local business and ingenuity, the Batmasians launched a new micro-grants program inviting businesses and entrepreneurs to apply, share their vision and mission, and how they will impact the community as a whole.

Applications can be submitted online at and are due by April 15, 2021. A panel of local business executives and leaders including the Chamber of Commerce and city officials of Boca Raton and Delray Beach will review the applicants to select the finalists.

A total of 15 grants will be issued ranging from $15,000 (1st place), $10,000 (2nd & 3rd place) to $5,000 for each of the remaining top finalists.

Each finalist will present their plans and ideas in person or virtually in late April 2021 for final selection. As a finalist, businesses and entrepreneurs will receive incomparable insight and counsel from the Batmasians and renowned corporate executives to help their businesses grow and thrive. Grant winners will be announced in May 2021 and will additionally be rewarded with three months of one-on-one sessions with high-level executives to help ensure their success for the long term.

In times arising from shutdowns and restricted operations in business, the Batmasian Family Grant for Small Business will help minimize the financial strains some small businesses are experiencing and put them on a path to success. The Batmasians have contributed over $100,000,000 over the decades to aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses, non-profits, education and the community; after having built their company from a small $5,000 personal investment in 1960 to a $2 billion family-owned and operated company. Today they continue to help individuals and business owners in our communities through Propel and Changing Lives, which they founded, in addition to yearly contributions to home, health, family and community non-profits and programs.

Visit to apply or learn more.