Find your Florida campaign in an airport

Find Your Florida.


2020 was a pivotal year on many fronts. Whether the pandemic affected your home or business, millions of people and businesses are seeking ways to rebound from the shutdown, and ultimately relocate to areas where business is open and the economy is on the upswing.

Arising from the lengthiest shutdowns in the nation, northeastern residents of New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland and beyond; as well as western residents of California, are relocating to Florida in record-shattering numbers… by the millions.

To answer their need, Investments Limited, South Florida’s largest privately-held property management company, endeavored their leading agency (yes, Into the Blue) to expand the 2020 campaign to reach struggling business owners seeking alternatives to relocate and rebuild. With over 10,000 office, retail, commercial and residential properties; they have locations for every type of business and every budget; as well as a wide range of home, townhome, condominium and apartment rentals within Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach and the surrounding counties. View their portfolio here.

Why Florida? Simply put, the state’s economy has surged ahead to reopen and rebuild from the shutdown making it the ideal climate to relocate. Three key factors:

Florida is Open for Business.

The Economy is Booming.

No State Taxes.

The campaign, paired with Investments Limited’s 11-page relocation guide and incentive programs, is featured across Google search & display advertising, Social Media advertising & remarketing, hyper-targeted email marketing, and airport media. Created by Marco Perugini, (Creative Director of Into the Blue), the Find Your Florida campaign speaks to the extreme weather conditions, damaged business climate and slow recovery plan in the most highly-affected states to provide key information for making the move to a booming economy and restart their lives.The agency conducted exhaustive research from months of analytics and published articles to create a campaign that is a solution to every question, concern and need of today’s northeastern business owner and professional.

“Throughout the pandemic, we’ve continued to play a conscientious role in our client’s needs to increase awareness, improve online discovery of their vast portfolio of residential, retail and commercial properties; and to speak to the needs of today’s consumer and business professional.  The result has generated the highest website traffic and number of leads in their company’s history.”  – Sharon Patterson, president Into the Blue Agency.

At Into the Blue Agency, we believe in making a measurable impact on our client’s bottom line. The Find Your Florida campaign is one of several 2020 campaigns by the agency that generated record-shattering leads and sales for clients from across industries. “Being located in the state that’s leading the charge for successful and responsible reopening, we have a unique opportunity to serve our clients as well as other businesses located in states that are months behind. Patterson adds, “There’s so much we’ve learned from the consumer mindset during these challenging times to help business owners reopen successfully and consumers to reenter society comfortably – while always keeping safety in mind.”

To learn more about best reopening practices and the latest marketing strategies to rebuild and grow; email and schedule a complimentary custom consultation.