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Jill Zarin 

Jill Zarin was one of the original Real Housewives of New York was and still is, one of the most iconic and popular personalities ever featured on the show. Her tenure spanned the initial four seasons; amassing her a vast and incredibly loyal following of RHONY fans. Then and now, Jill is known for her sense of fashion and interior design; as shown in her homes and on the red carpet.  Today, Jill Zarin’s style is gracing homes across the United States and globe with her premium-quality, affordably-priced designer rug collection. The collection debuted in 2018 with designs that honored her love of SOHO, Manhattan, and a multitude of uptown and downtown districts throughout New York. In working with Unique Loom, Jill set out to curate not only beautiful, versatile rugs for every home decor style and space, but to also create a collection that is functional for everyday life. 


Jill’s rugs are featured and sold via major online retailers; and for fans who prefer to buy direct from Jill herself, Into The Blue Agency created an all new ecommerce website  JillZarin.com as well as launching @JillZarinHome on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


Ecommerce website

Jill not only needed a website that matched her brand voice, but one crafted to be able to handle ecommerce functionality as her business grew. To achieve this, we utilized  Shopify to custom build her website with specialized apps to assist online customers, sync with suppliers, and build sales. These capacities included being able to shop by size, color, and search.  After analyzing and researching different consumer shopping habits on websites for home decor, we mapped out the layout for the site. The goal was for it to have easy navigation and yield higher conversion rates. After the design and usability was perfected, we moved on to construct an effective sales funnel, in efforts to lead consumers through the entire sales process and keep a high customer return rate. Lastly, to complete her website we used optimal SEO terms in all descriptions, copywriting, and blog posts; which were supported with content ads within Pinterest and shared customer features.



Photoshoots & videoblogs

In order to be able to provide beautiful content photos to products on the website and social media, we had our professional photographer and videographer, Nick Lariviere, produce photos & videos of the rugs featuring Jill herself and Miss Bossi her beloved Pomeranian. In the photos we captured the functionality of the rugs being pet-friendly, kid-friendly, and stain-resistant. Additionally, we photographed Jill utilizing her rugs in every part of her home in different decor styles. In the videos we shot, Jill was pouring red wine on one of her Uptown Rugs then blotting the stain out immediately, which further presented the easy care and durability of her rug collection.

Sister's bedroomJill Zarin In Office








dog and girl on rug




Jill's Sheshed












Social Media

To bring brand awareness and increase conversions, a heavy emphasis on growing her social media presence and elevating her content was needed. Into the Blue Agency’s social team launched her rug line on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook as an extension of her celebrity profiles. The rapid and successful growth of her Instagram was followed by verification and the ability to monetize on organic content via product tagging. Authoring and creating original content and paid pins on Pinterest proved to be highly effective in generating an audience exceeding 107,000 in the second month and generating sales. 

Jill's Instagram

Jill's Instagram
















Email Marketing & Graphics

In addition to creating a dynamic sales and lead nurturing funnel we also set up an email automation system to tell consumers about special promotions, newsletters/blogs, and new products. Into the Blue Agency produced branded graphics across social media, digital advertising, the website and across all content and email marketing initiatives.


As a 360 degree agency, we took on the added task to monitor competitor sales and discounts of her line to ensure Jill’s initiatives were successful in the space.  Within the first three months and with the launch of the new website, digital advertising, social advertising and content marketing – Into the Blue Agency produced record-breaking website traffic, social growth and, most importantly, sales around prime holidays including Memorial Day weekend. 


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