Missouri School of Journalism releases groundbreaking report on attitudes toward environment, media in Mississippi River Basin


The Missouri School of Journalism has released a report on the attitudes and environmental awareness of people living in the Mississippi River Basin — the largest drainage basin in the United States and a vital environmental and agricultural region. The first research of its kind on the perceptions of people in the region, it highlights that significant numbers of the basin’s population are not aware that they live within the basin or don’t recognize its significance. ...

But where the report identifies a challenge, it also presents a possible solution.

“We did find that universities and university-connected scientists are really highly-trusted information sources for people within the basin, which is good news,” Rose added. “So we have a sense of the types of information people might need, and we know who they are going to turn to for this information.”

In addition, the report offers a detailed breakdown of respondents’ use of various news sources for information about the environment, with local television news being the most popular choice.

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