How to be successful in 2020

HELLO 2020!   Today is the first day of the next decade.  Step into the year with nearly perfect vision of the newest, trending marketing practices and strategies that’ll put you ahead of your competitors.
– more and more, our attention spans are becoming increasingly fragmented dividing our focus across our smart phones to what’s live and in front of us. Experiential Marketing has become an increasingly important practice in marketing embraces all the senses making your impact more effective and memorable.  (Cue the ROI.)
Shoppable Social Posts – from your loyal consumers to influencers, shoppable posts make it easy for fans to see, like, click, and buy what you share.  Complete the simplicity cycle by broadening your ecommerce across Apple Pay, Google Pay, even Venmo to Zelle.   By reducing the steps between a consumer’s interest to purchase you will multiply your opportunity and increase customer satisfaction.  This is the art of Amazon: i.e. providing a friction-free and accelerated buying experience.
Direct Messaging is becoming a welcome extension of your business and ecommerce services. From handling customer questions to reminding of an abandoned cart or a special sale; DMs are an effective way to keep the line of communication flowing via WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc.
Smart Advertising –  place your marketing message and brand where consumers are, while at the peak of interest.  Across social media, text marketing, DMs, search & display digital advertising, email marketing and geo-fencing; hyper-targeted digital marketing will intuitively place your brand in front of consumers at the optimal moment of interest.
Micro Influencers in the Spotlight –  from the ongoing changes to algorithms…  influencers are on the move.  Macro influencers command substantial rates for larger audiences while engagement rates are on the downslide.  The reason? Simply put, the larger an audience = the less personal their relationship is with followers.  Expand your reach via developing an entourage of micro-influencers to connect & resonate with your target consumers: i.e. engage more, share more, and yes, sell more.  Try Shirley, Obviously, and some of the other services to help you find the best influencers for your brand.
Niche Social Media: Sharpen your social media practice (again) as social media continues to change month-by-month and, especially, year-by-year.   Different social media is used by different groups, segments, generations: and operate differently.  Facebook and Twitter skew to a higher age demographic – both are on the decline as other social media continues to climb.   How will you use Pinterest in 2020? Have you explored SnapChat?  Prepare to step into Tik Tok for Generation Z and Millennial marketing.  Have you tried Medium, the enriching social channel?   Learn about what businesses are right for each social medium, what strategies and how to divide your strategies to best suit each unique medium.
Vlogging from the rise of podcasts to ever-growing audience of YouTube; IG stories & TV, SnapChat – authentic and vibrant video content will help you connect in 2020. The most successful vloggers produce more intimate personal content – 2020 is the time to get REAL with your fans and followers.  Invite them behind the scenes, to rare experiences, entertain with humor or short films, invite two way interaction: what they like and don’t like… throughout everything you do in 2020 – connection is the key.
Here Comes Generation Z.  Much of the conversation in recent years has been centered around millennials; however the generation of the new century has now hit adulthood, and here’s what they’re looking for: authenticity, diversity and humor.