How Can Your Business Adapt To COVID-19? Part 2: Digital Advertising

Can Your Business Adapt To COVID-19? 20 Strategies You Can Implement Right Now

Part 2: Lead Generation, Ecommerce vs. Virtual Sales

Welcome back, as we continue to guide business owners through the new uncharted waters of today with expert insights on who’s spending money where and how to find your unique opportunity.  Our Part 2 topic will cover strategic topics of how to build or maintain brand awareness, generate leads and create a revenue stream.

Digital Advertising

If you’re not in digital advertising and social marketing, you’re limiting your opportunity. Hands down. Today’s consumers’ attention span is 8 seconds, so basically if you’re not putting your business out there through organic and paid measures, you put your business in the category of “out of sight, out of mind”. Unlike traditional media, the best aspect of digital advertising (display, search, leads) is that you pay for action… also known as CPC (cost per click).  So if your ads are targeted to the right audience, scripted and designed intelligently; the results are viable prospects and new customers.  

The Mistakes of Do-It-Yourself-Digital:  Many businesses of a smaller scale take the option to plan their own digital marketing vs. paying 15% or flat fees to professionally trained marketers. Big mistake, seriously I’m saying it. 100% of the time in reviewing the campaigns self crafted by small business owners, they’re overspending, over or under bidding. missing important search keywords, and losing out on HUGE opportunities. Yes Google to Facebook offer online courses but if you’re not spending all day in the trenches; you cannot master it.  

Here’s an analogy – Have you ever bought promotional  items like pens to coffee cups just to have uninterested, unvetted prospects take them because they’re free? It’s expensive right?  So is mis-structured digital and social advertising that targets the wrong prospects and lays a path of crumbs to your competition.

Ask yourself, how much is a lead worth vs a professional’s fee to be hyper targeted and reach the optimal prospect at the best CPC?  How much is a new customer worth vs. the dollars wasted on improperly targeted or optimized ads? As a business owner, how much is your time worth vs. dedicating it on new customer conversion and company operations?  I know the answer is more than that flat monthly fee or 15% you would pay an agency.

Part 3: The A to Zs of Email and Text Marketing…  Creating a Pipeline of Virtual & Ecommerce Sales.

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